About The Custom Fitness Institute

The Custom Fit Mission

A little bit about The Custom Fitness Institute of Pompano Beach — we want to provide you with the highest level of personal fitness training possible. With that said, it will include your training being held in a comfortable, safe, and motivating atmosphere. The Custom Fitness Institute Team is here to breakdown any health and fitness goal into simple, attainable steps and coach you all the way through the entire process.

Our Team | Pompano Beach, FL

Our team at The Custom Fitness Institute wants to offer a completely unique and custom training program that not only are you comfortable with but it works for YOU! For instance, from your workout routine to your nutritional diet — we will build the perfect strategy to accomplish your goals! As a result, you will become more confident whether you’re at work with colleagues or out with your best friends, your entire attitude will change!

bobby jackson the custom fitness institute pompano beach

Bobby Jackson


Bobby graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in Biology; Health & Medical Science, and is a Certified Strength…

remy schwab the custom fitness institute pompano beach

Remy Schwab


Remy sees fitness as a lifestyle. His personal passion for health and fitness inspired him to become a professional trainer…

niko tsachev the custom fitness institute pompano beach

Niko Tsachev


Niko has been a professional trainer since the age of 18. Both European and NAFC certified, he is fueled by…


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