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Personal Training Pompano Beach

Personal Training | Pompano Beach, FL

Our personal trainers are committed to results. From your diet plan to your workout routine, we keep one thing in mind — how can we make a better you. Every day you walk through our doors we are constantly pushing you to better yourself. To feel more confident in your skin for when you’re out with your friends or just at home with your significant other. Our training is guaranteed to help improve your overall appearance. We work with several types of clientele. From the nine to fiver to the MMA athletes, stay-at-home moms to the elderly. We will build a custom plan specifically for YOU!

Private Training Facility | Pompano Beach, FL

Our private training facility in Pompano Beach, FL is designed to give clients the privacy and tools needed to feel comfortable while reaching their goals. For example, here at The Custom Fitness Institute we have implemented several strength and conditioning stations unlike anything you’ve ever seen. These workouts are meant to push you to the limit. For instance, we can guarantee that you will never find a workout experience quite like ours, especially in the South Florida area. We have studied several different programs alongside several different body types. Success is at the end of each training session! Our clients are proven to get stronger, leaner, healthier!

Private Gym | Pompano Beach, FL

An evaluation of your current body composition, past or current injuries, workout experience, nutrition, and training objectives is a must. Your body composition evaluation includes height, weight, body fat percentage, lean/fat mass, and tape measurements. Once we have these statistics we will then be able to determine which workout regiment would be best for yourself. We never want to put a client at risk or have them over work themselves. We will be able to accurately deliver the proper intensity that we know that your body can take.

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