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Our Custom Fitness Services

The Custom Fit Mission

Located in Pompano Beach, FL

To provide you with the highest level of personal fitness training possible, in a comfortable and motivating atmosphere. We are here to breakdown any health and fitness goal into simple, attainable steps and coach you all the way through the process.

Physical Assessments

An evaluation of your current body composition, past or current injuries, workout experience, nutrition, and training objectives. Body composition evaluation includes height, weight, body fat percentage, lean/fat mass, and tape measurements.


Personal Training

30 or 60-minute workouts designed specifically for your training objectives. You get to work 1-on-1 with a CFI fitness professional who will develop and evolve a program based on your current fitness level and rate of progress.


Partner Training

30 or 60-minute workouts designed for you and a family member or friend. You and your workout partner will be paired up with a CFI fitness professional who will coach you both through a program designed for your goals.


Recovery Sessions

30-minute sessions of varying recovery methods, based on your needs (i.e. assisted stretching, TENS, foam rolling, compression therapy, and trigger point release). These sessions are designed to alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, limits in flexibility, or mobility issues.