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Beth Korelishn

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and sports fanatic, I came upon The Custom Fitness Institute through a friend in my spin class. We were discussing our fitness regimens and personal goals and I stated that I would like to work “one on one” with a fitness trainer. However, I was somewhat particular about the individual, as far as their knowledge, and the place, as far as its cleanliness. I also knew I didn’t want a large scale “big box” style gym! My friend told me about The Custom Fitness Institute as it was his business neighbor. I phoned Bobby Jackson, Owner of The Custom Fitness Institute, and we set up a meeting. As soon as I entered the facility I was very impressed with how spotless it was and all of the equipment in a very organized fashion. It was just the right size to not feel overwhelmed and they were extremely organized in their approach to explain how they would like to assess my fitness level and design a program to fit my needs and goals. It was very apparent that they possess the necessary credentials and attained their degrees in this field. We set up twice-weekly sessions and I have been a devotee of The Custom Fitness Institute for the last fourteen months. They are always encouraging, always punctual and always come up with unique and different challenges for me! It is exactly as the name suggests, Custom Fitness. There are days I need to ask them to modify something as I find my body may not want to do what my mind thinks it can do, and days I just need to take it down a notch. Always, they have a new idea, a modification, or a stretch to help me heal what ails me and help me to continue to get stronger and to stay positive! The Custom Fitness staff and The Custom Fitness Institute are a winning combination for me!

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