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New Year’s Resolution Check-In

Have You Kept Up or Let Up?

The Custom Fitness Institute is here to check-in on those of you who began the New Year with a resolution to become a healthier, stronger, fitter version of yourself. We know the importance of a strong, healthy body and how that translates to a strong, healthy mind. Unfortunately, we also understand that there can be certain challenges when beginning the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. If you are one of the majority of people who have not yet seen success with your resolution, we invite you to come by The Custom Fitness Institute in Pompano Beach to let us help you get back on track for 2019.

Our staff starts by determining exactly what your physical objectives are. We then evaluate your typical weekly nutrition habits. Once we understand your precise objectives, and suggest some basic tweaks to be made in your nutrition, we can then layout a realistic timeline for achieving your overall goals. By breaking down these initial processes into organized steps, we have found an amazing rate of success with our clients. These steps are periodically repeated to reevaluate what’s been working for each individual and what new changes need to be made to continue seeing progress.

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Our unique ‘Physical Assessment’ process is also a major part of our success. By properly evaluating your current physical condition (strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility) we are able to lay out your initial program guidelines. This also allows us to set up progressions as certain movements and exercises become easier for you. This is how we ensure every client has the proper foundation built. Just like a building, it can only be built as high as the foundation is strong.

Stop by The Custom Fitness Institute today and receive a complimentary Physical Assessment. It can be a great asset if you are not seeing results or just not seeing results as quickly as you should with your current program. While you are in, you can also check out our new specialty service, the Custom Fit Recovery Session! This is a 30-minute session of varying recovery methods, based on your needs (i.e. assisted stretching, TENS, foam rolling, compression therapy, and percussion massage). These sessions are designed to alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, limits in flexibility, and/or mobility issues.

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