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Private Training Pompano Beach

At The Custom Fitness Institute, we offer several training and nutritional programs that will ensure a healthier, more fit version of your current self. We welcome all clientele! From the parents to the high school athletes, professional athletes to the nine to fiver — we want to introduce everyone to our fitness and nutritional programs.

We currently offer:

Personal 1-on-1 Training

Partner Training

Physical Assessments

Recovery Sessions

We offer these services at our Private Training Facility located in Pompano Beach, FL. Let our Personal Training specialists help you build the right fitness and nutrition habits, specific to your goals, to get your 2019 started right! 🔥 Burn Fat 🤸‍ Improve Mobility 🏋️‍ Build Strength 🔋 Increase Endurance

Valid until January, 31st 2019 — We are offering Buy 2 Get 2 Free training sessions. This is an in-store only offer, please contact us for further details.


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